MNC Richter 1:87

Titulek stránky

My biggest project! Complete model of Magyar Nemzeti Cirkusz Richter
in scale 1:87 for the 25th Anniversary of this Hungarian giant and unique circus


All production lasted from September 2018 to June 2019 for family Richter
The model is exclusively exhibited in Magyar Nemzeti Cirkusz in Balatonlelle


Own handmade! Nearly fifty different transports, caravans, cars, tents and much more,
which are mounted on large wooden board with a green carpet of a total size 150 x 90 cm


Only the figures of people, animals, cars and tractors were purchased and modified. Other objects
as trailers, tents, grandstand and many other details, including fences are handmade from paper,
wood, plastic, plexiglass, iron and many kinds of adhesives glue and special colors for the best imitation


First fences from 3D print arrived as "puzzle"
and with glue and colours looks as real. What do you think?


Circus big top with a special cut to see the interior
with more than three hundred figures of visitors and animals 


More than 5 weeks of work on tribune! Richter József Jr. standing on elephant,
backstage with band, Lighting electricians, popcorn stand shop and tribune with visitors


Unique exotic animals carousel by Merrylu & József Jr. Richter who winner
Golden Clown on the 42nd Festival International du Cirque de Monte-Carlo 2018